Saint Jude | Strength & Guidance Prayer

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This silver plated pocket coin features the image of Saint Jude on one side; on the other side, the following Prayer to ask the Lord for strength and guidance:

Saint Jude
Patron Saint of
Impossible Cases.
Pray for Me.

Makes for a great gift to a decision maker close to you and your family.

Many of our customers purchase this Saint Jude pocket coin to show appreciation towards bosses or authority figures in their lives.

Low Cost & Convenient to Carry

Churches, schools and local businesses usually purchase this Catholic token to commemorate special events.


  • High quality - experienced craftsmanship
  • Silver plated
  • 1.25 inches (one and a quarter inches)
  • Made in Italy
  • Read more about Saint Jude
  • FRONT: Saint Jude
  • BACK: Strength & Guidance Prayer

    You can add this Saint Jude pocket coin to a larger gift for that extra special touch.